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Glass Pool Fencing SydneyGlass FX is a family owned and operated glass pool fencing company that services the Central Coast, Sydney and Newcastle. Glass FX has been operating for 12 years and staff have over 30 years of combined experience in the industry.

We specialise in frameless glass pool fencing, and our team of experienced professionals are ready to help you make the right decision on your pool fencing needs and answer any technical question you may have.

At Glass FX, we take pride in our work. We issue a certificate of compliance to Australian safety standards for every job once completed, and use materials of the highest quality only. We provide a 7 year guarantee on workmanship, and a free upgrade to the Polaris Soft Close Hinge – the safest hinge on the market.

To organise a walk through our show room where you can see the materials we use on display, or for more information on Frameless Glass, our patented Safety Hinge, our Company, or for an obligation-free Quote please contact us by email or phone (02) 4339 5353.

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Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Fixing Options

When designing a Frameless Glass Pool Fence our professionals will discuss with you the various options available for your fence setting and will work with your to help you achieve your design needs and ideas where possible.

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Polaris Hinge Glass Pool Fencing

The Polaris Soft Close
Safety Hinge

Innovation & Design

Polaris Hinge Logo Glass Pool Fencing 200Our in-house designed, Award winning safety hinge, the Polaris Soft-Close Hinge, will bring a level of security and safety to your frameless glass pool fence that is unrivalled in the current market.

Explore the safety benefits of the Polaris Hinge and you won’t want to settle for anything less.

Designed in-house by Glass FX founder Michael Stuart our patented Polaris Soft Close Hinge is the only certified Australian glass pool fencing hinging system that has been independently tested by a NATA-accredited laboratory.

We are proud to say that the Polaris Soft-Close Hinge has passed the non-stop 10,000 cycle test, which is equivalent to 10 years in the life of the average domestic swimming pool gate. This means it is fully compliant with Australian Standard 2820.

The Polaris Soft-Close Hinge is fully certified, and has a unique self-closing, soft-closing mechanism that reduces both possible injury and aggressive closure of the gate.

Other hinge manufacturers will only give you 12 months guarantee.

Our hinge is certified for 10,000 cycles – the equivalent of ten years of normal use.

If you choose a Polaris Soft-Close Hinge for your glass pool fencing, you can be assured that you are buying quality, safety, and Australian standards certification.

You also have our guarantee that our Australian made, Australian designed award-winning Polaris Soft-Close Hinge will outlast any other glass pool fence hinge currently available on the market.

We think the best way to get a sense of our patented soft-closing automatic safety hinge, which we supply as standard with all our frameless glass fencing solutions, is to watch a demonstration of it in action below.

You can also contact us for more information, for an obligation-free quote, or to arrange a walk through our showroom to see the hinge in action for yourself.

Glass Pool Fencing

Glass FX offers frameless glass pool fencing solutions for all of your Sydney pool fencing needs. With full service available in the city of Sydney and surrounding suburbs, business and home owners are able to take advantage of beautiful and excellent quality glass fencing that not only provides safety advantages but also adds a classic, sharp and sophisticated look to any pool area at home or at a business location.

Glass FX works to provide these services to both residential and commercial facilities throughout Australia.

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Pool Fencing for Safety

Glass pool fencing is the ideal option for those who are interested in installing a fencing system around their swimming pool. Pool safety should be of the utmost importance to both those with children and without. Fences not only help to keep children safe when outside, but also help to keep adults safe as well. Parents can rest easy, knowing that their kids are safe when playing outdoors.

With glass pool fencing, an accidental fall from those of any age will prevent against potential drowning incidents or injury. It also helps in keeping children out of the water when there are no adults around to adequately supervise them.

Pool Fencing for Appearance

Glass pool fencing gives pools a spectacular appearance that you are simply not able to achieve with other fencing options. Other fence options, such as tubular fencing, may make the swimming pool feel as though it is enclosed within a cage.

Glass fences provide a beautiful, open look and feel that truly shows off the beauty of your residential or commercial swimming pool. Glass fencing allows sunlight to enter the pool during the day for sparkling, warm water all with the added benefit of top-notch safety features.

The Benefits of Glass Pool Fencing

This modern type of fencing offers many different advantages and benefits over your ordinary fencing options for outdoor water areas. The biggest improvement that you are making when installing a fence is the safety aspect which is designed to keep both children and adults of all ages safely away from the water when they are not swimming.

An added safety benefit of this unique glass design is that young children are unable to climb over it for access in to the swimming pool because there are no bars or gaps for squeezing through which are found on many other fences. Not only do these fences keep children safe, but will keep pets away from the water as well. Glass pool fencing enables you to easily see through the fence without any obstructions or fencing blocking your view. Now you can relax inside or outside, watching your children or visitors as they swim in the pool.

Glass fencing offers a significantly improved lifespan over other common swimming pool fences. While the average metal fence may last for around 15 years, these high-quality, beautifully-designed fences will last for much longer. In addition, you will not have to deal with the issue of rust on metal, as these glass fences use stainless steel hardware and fittings. Glass fences are easy to clean and made extremely durable to withstand Australia’s weather and rigorous children.

Designing a Pool Fence

Glass pool fencing is designed to flow naturally with your current outdoor landscaping and home or business features. No matter what colour your home or business is, these glass fences are sure to fit in without appearing to be intrusive to the design of your outdoor space.
Custom glass fences allow you to enjoy the open feel of your swimming pool and outdoor area, not appearing to separate one area from another. You’re fence will be custom fitted and designed especially for your pool.

There’s no better way to fully enjoy the Australian outdoor living lifestyle than with a glass pool for your fence. Whether you are a homeowner with a pool in your backyard, operate a hotel swimming pool, casino pool or community pool, these fences are sure to fit in with all of your wants and needs.

Frameless glass can also be used in smaller areas such as around spas and hot tubs. Privacy panels are also available to take advantage of which add a sense of privacy to select areas of your glass fencing.

Here at Glass FX, we specialise in frameless glass pool fencing, and our team of experienced professionals are ready to help you make the right decision on your pool fencing needs.

We take our responsibility very seriously and we are available to help with any technical question you may have.

For more information on Frameless Glass, our patented Safety Hinge, our company, and the safety benefits of Glass Fencing, contact us.

Our Patented POLARIS Glass Pool Fencing Safety Hinge

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