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Glass FX has been servicing NSW for a long time now, over 12 years. We have learnt a great deal, and we are immensely proud of the reputation we have built, the knowledge and expertise we have gained, and the values that we do business by. We have a genuine desire to create impeccable frameless glass fencing, to improve the safety in our clients’  homes, and to improve the quality and standards within the industry we work in.


Unfortunately we hear of disappointing trends within the industry, of work performed to frankly unacceptable standards, business’s vanishing when problems arise, installers using the cheapest hardware available with no qualms or thoughts to longevity, all resulting in permanent fences that are at best ugly, and at worst are either non compliant, not structurally sound, or not enclosed – where they do not have a reliably closing gate. Permanent fencing that clients have to look at every day, that they have paid a significant amount of money for. It’s not acceptable, but it happens. Sadly once a fence is installed poorly, rectifying it is a vastly more costly exercise and is often out of the realms of possibility.


As an ethical and accountable company we refuse to be part of this problem in our industry. We need to be proud of the work that we do. Each fence we design and install is put in with the same care, consideration and precision as it would be if we were installing it in our own home. This is the benchmark that we insist on from our installers, and in fact all of our staff.

We also insist on installing the highest quality materials. This point can’t be stressed enough. The materials matter: the pool gate hinge matters, the spigots matter. We are one of very few install outfits that understand that the slightly higher costs of superior materials will vastly improve the longevity and function of your pool fence, even if it reduces our profit margins slightly. The products we use are the ethical and responsible choice as far as we are concerned, and we are committed to sourcing and using the best available.

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