Pool Fencing Sydney


Pool Fencing Sydney

Glass Pool Fencing Sydney

Glass FX is a glass pool fencing company that services Sydney and surrounding Regional areas as far as New England in the north to Canberra, Newcastle and NSW South Coast and Central Coast.

  • Over 40 years combined industry experience as a Sydney and Central Coast installer

  • 7 years guarantee on workmanship

  • Free upgrade to Polaris Soft Close Hinge

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Glass FX is a Glass Pool Fencing Sydney, Central Coast and Newcastle company – we specialise in 12mm toughened safety glass. The fixing options are all 316 marine grade stainless steel.

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Podcast

The benefits of using frameless glass fencing are priceless; you get unobstructed views of the pool area, giving peace of mind; your children will have difficulty in climbing over the glass panels; and if you have a panoramic view, it will add to your pleasure.

Glass FX only use the Polaris Soft Close Hinge gate hardware to comply to Australian standards. The Polaris Soft-Close Hinge is especially designed for the outdoors and the safety of your friends and family, with its self closing feature.

Glass Pool Fencing

Pool fences are important in order to assure the safety of children and animals. Having a pool is a huge responsibility. There are the daily cleaning tasks that must be performed. There is also the responsibility to assure that no one falls into the pool and gets harmed. This is when pool fencing comes into play.

Glass Pool FencingThe pool fence makes sure that no one can get into the pool area by accident. Although many fences are easy to climb and this leaves the probability that an unwanted visitor may infiltrate the pool area anyway. With glass pool fencing this is seriously depleted.

A glass pool fence is not easy to climb. There are no foot holds in it and there is no where to grab on to in order to hoist over it. A glass fence also allows the individuals who own the pool to see the area where the pool is without the need to install cameras or alarms.

There is another advantage to having glass pool fences installed. The glass is easy to maintain and they do not tend to rust, erode or breakdown over the years. Heavy rains only tend to help in keeping glass fences clean. Glass pool fences also offer a wind break from high winds and storms.

Pool Fencing SydneyGlass pool fencing is also better able to keep small and large animals out from the pool area. With a chain link or wood fence, animals will be able to either climb or burrow under the fence line. The smooth surface of a glass fence does not allow for the animal to climb the exterior surface of the fence. The heavy duty material and the fact that a glass fence is sunk into the ground also makes it very difficult for animals to burrow under the fence line as well.

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