Pool Gates


Pool Gates – The Weakest Link

The weakest link in a pool fence is the pool gate.

pool gates

The most important thing to know about pool gates is that, if you own an in ground pool, it is a foregone conclusion that you will have a fence around the pool; it is after all the law to have your pool fenced and enclosed by pool gates. The main purpose for the implementation of these laws and regulations is to prevent children from drowning by keeping them out of the pool when there isn’t any adult supervision; to this end, the regulations have done their job saving countless lives.

If a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, then a pool fence is only as strong as its weakest link, that is the gate. Pool gates, by law must be self closing and have the ability to self close from any open position. Leave a pool gate open for any length of time with children present on a hot day, and it is easy to see why the implementation of this regulation is necessary.

The most common way of addressing the self closing gate is the installation of a spring loaded hinge; utilising an overly powerful spring to compensate for the necessity to close the gate from any open position.

The consequence of using these spring loaded hinges is that they slam shut with extreme force, which is not only not safe for anyone careless enough to leave their hand on the closure, but increases the wear and tear on the gate itself, resulting in a shorter life span for your gate.

A more intelligent and sophisticated solution is a spring loaded hinge utilising dampers to both close and gently self shut the gate with a magnetic closure, like that of the Polaris Soft Close Hinge.

The Polaris Soft Close Hinge system was designed specifically for use as a pool gate closure system that will faithfully and continuously serve its purpose for years to come; allowing you to rest assured your pool gate will be safely closed.

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