Pool Safety Tips

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Pool FenceGlass pool fencing is very durable. If the right materials are used, and it is installed well, a glass fence will last 3 to 4 times longer than a conventional fence.

Not to mention the maintenance is easy. All you have to do to glass is give it a clean, and it looks like brand new again.

Glass Pool FencingA glass pool fence is also very safe, because is is hard for young kids to climb.

The danger with pool fencing in Australia up until now is that there hasn’t been a dedicated piece of hardware for glass pool fencing gates available on the market. Or at least, there hasn’t been a pool gate hinge specifically designed for outdoor use that has been certified according to Australian standards.

Pool SafetyMost hinges and self closing systems commonly used in Australia aren’t designed for glass pool fencing, let alone outdoors – and therefore simply aren’t suitable – or safe.

This means they rust, and therefore, they fail; potentially putting our children’s lives at risk.

It’s only since glass fencing has becoming so popular in the domestic market that it’s become more and more apparent that there are a lot of fences out there that simply aren’t safe.

Glass Fencing SydneyMost people don’t know about the Australian Standard 2820, which says that a glass gate on a pool fence should last for at least 10,000 cycles without failing. This is equivalent to about 10 years use of a standard domestic pool fence.

Most of the other hinging systems that are being used in the market, frankly, would not pass that test.

This is another reason why most other manufacturers are only willing to back their products with a 12 month warranty. This is equivalent to only 1000 cycles – a far cry short of the 10,000 cycles required by the Australian Standard, not to mention massively short of the years of use that most home-owners expect to, and should, get out of their glass pool fencing and gate.

Frameless Glass As far as safety is concerned, not to mention durability and longevity, by far the most important part of the pool fencing is the hinging.

If the hinges don’t close the glass gate, the latch can’t work, and the gate will stay open – endangering young lives.

Some pool fencing installers have even been using a public toilet door hinge, that’s just not designed for glass. Although the manufacturers have created some plates to enable it to be fitted to glass, because it’s only spring loaded, that means the glass gate will come back and slam.

A glass pool gate ideally needs to be tensioned up hard enough that it will close from 100mm away. With the wrong hinge, if you open the gate right up to it’s extent, it will just slam. Definitely not ideal for a glass pool fencing scenario!

The other commonly used traditional type of closing up till now is a floor closer. You will have seen this type of in-floor door closer in shopping centers.

This type of closure uses a steel plate on the floor, and 2 inches into the ground sits a hydraulic cast iron box that’s got a spring and hydraulics in it, that controls the closing.

Again, these sorts of gate closures haven’t been made for outdoor use. If you used this sort of closing mechanism around the pool, you’d have to dig a hole into the pavers or tiles, sink the hydraulics box into into it, and to try and make it weatherproof.

Although manufacturers have experimented with workarounds such as pouring 2-pack resin into the box, to fill the whole box, this doesn’t work to waterproof it. The water gets in, and affects the bearings that can’t be sealed. And then the gate closure doesn’t work properly.

Glass Fence Sydney LogoAdjustment screws usually need adjusting before the 10,000 cycles test. But once resin is poured in, the space you would normally have to adjust the screws no longer exists as it has been filled and is therefore inaccessible.

Most of the glass industry would agree that this sort of gate hinge is very problematic, difficult to install, and won’t last.

Another hinge has recently come to the market is one which is imported from Italy.

It’s actually an internal door hinge, and one the manufacturers won’t even endorse for outdoors, and of course it hasn’t been tested, either.

Polaris Soft-Close HingeWe designed our patented Polaris Soft-Close Hinge pool fence hinge specifically to fill this gap in the market.

We even went and had it independently tested at a laboratory to make sure we passed the 10,000 cycle test – which of course we did. We also won an Australian Design Mark award for our product, which was released in November last year.

And as far as I know, we are the only glass hardware company that has our own specific glass pool fence hinge – let alone one that has even been tested!

Australian Design AwardWe believe that the Polaris Soft-Close Hinge is absolutely imperative to pool safety in Australia, not to mention being the best value and longest lasting hinge on the market.

What we would like you to do, no matter which glass manufacturer or installation company you choose to use, is to insist that your supplier or installer can provide a hinge that has been designed for outdoor use, and complies with the Australian standard 2820.

Our childens’ lives depend on it.

Contact us for more information on how to get a Polaris Soft-Close Hinge.