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Quantum Square Spigot

Our frameless glass installations are all designed around the absolute highest quality materials available, both structurally and technically…

Glass FX are unique in that we source an exclusive and superior spigot designed in Australia – the Quantum Spigot.

Quantum balustrade and pool fencing spigots are made of the strongest materials available, Marine Grade Duplex 2205 Stainless Steel.

They are designed to be core-drilled into a concrete footing, often through pavers or tiles.

A major benefit and improvement in the Quantum Spigot is their unique tightening design, which means that they clamp down on the glass with more strength and integrity than the cheaper more common ‘grub screw’ spigots used by nearly all other glass fence installers.

The entire inner area of the Quantum Spigot clamps down onto the glass, whereas with the grub screw spigots only two small screws press onto a small plate within the spigot which presses onto and ‘holds’ the glass in place. Glass can and frequently does move and ‘sag’ in these cheaper spigots, meaning that your fence levels and lines do not stay fixed over time. This really impacts negatively on the aesthetics of frameless glass, and requires repeated services over time to rectify your fence line.

Quantum Spigots also have a deeper glass recess than the grub screw spigots so hold a higher percentage of glass within the spigot – which is optimum for strength and security from an engineering perspective.

Quantum Spigots come with a lifetime structural warranty.

The Quantum Spigot also has a unique visual design, for those people who prefer to have something a bit different to the crowd.

It is available in the bold Square shape  Quantum Square Spigot   or the elegant Diamond shape Quantum Diamond Spigotboth of which look striking when installed. See our photo gallery or Facebook page for some examples.

It comes in your choice of either a matte, brushed metal finish or a polished, mirror finish. Your chosen finish generally will be applied across all of your hardware; your Quantum Spigots, your POLARIS Soft Close Hinge and any top capping, clips or hand rail you may also be having installed.

What we have come to know through our years of experience is that quality really does matter. The quality of your frameless glass hardware directly relates to the longevity and integrity of your pool fence or balustrade for years to come. This is why we use Quantum Spigots wherever we are able.

Where you are fixing onto timber or steel beams, rather than using a grub screw base-mounted spigot, which has a flange that is screwed into decking, we prefer to use the Quantum Spigot with the specially designed Quantum Deck Fixed Bracket which essentially allows for the strength and accuracy of a core drill install on timber decking.

By combining the use of the highest quality spigot and the highest quality hinge, Glass FX are ensuring that your pool fence looks and functions at its best for the maximum product lifespan available.

This is our professional commitment to quality.

For more information please call our office.

Common Grub Screw Spigots

Here the common spigot is installed on glass and has slipped (the plastic insert moves and bunches) and spread (the metal actually bends away from the glass as it is tightened) the glass is held in place by small grub screws that push onto the glass.

We have had to service this fence for the client as the glass panel has dropped in the spigot, numerous times over years, which has then prevented the gate from closing reliably.

Quantum Spigot

Above is a photo of our preferred and superior Quantum Spigot, which you can clearly see clamps down on the glass in a much better design. The entire surround of the spigot clamps down on the glass and distributes the force across the glass surface.

Our Spigot Photos


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tina boyd
tina boyd

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 days ago

Thank you to Mark and Lisa for a really awesome job installing our glass pool fencing. It was the most stress free, friendly and professional service and the finished job is absolutely beautiful and we love it! Could not fault this service and recommend Glass FX to anyone

Diane Birol
Diane Birol

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

Lovely and Friendly company to deal with. Lisa and Mark take personal pride in their business. From original enquiry right through to installation the Guys at FX were great at communicating and just getting the job done! I love our new pool gates and would recommend FX to anyone.... especially having interviewed three other pool fencing companies before making my decision...

Diane Birol

David Meacham
David Meacham

5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

Great business, very easy to deal with, prompt, flexible service. We had a tricky pool to fence and they did it with ease and competitively priced.

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