Why Frameless Glass?


Frameless Glass has several major benefits for the customer.

Firstly, this modern method of fencing all of the outside water areas of your home such as pools and spas, has a significant number of advantages over older or traditional types of fencing materials.

The safety aspect of glass fencing is probably the most obvious improvement, especially for families that have swimming pools in their residential homes, that will be used by either their children or other children visiting the home.

With a frameless glass fence, there are no bars to climb over, or gaps to push through for the small and adventurous – and that includes additional safety for your pets and protection from the uninvited, as well as safety for your children.

Glass is transparent, which means that parents can watch out for their children without an obstruction or distortion to the view.

Rust problems with metal fencing simply do not occur with frameless glass fencing, and marine grade stainless steel hardware fittings, as we use.

In our experience, the average life span of metal fencing is about fifteen years. Glass fencing can significantly longer, with care and maintenance – if not a lifetime.

The glass panels we manufacture are very strong and tough, and able to withstand the rigours of kids, pets, and Australian family outdoor living.

Our glass provides a very clean and modern look that is low maintenance and very durable, lasting much longer than other forms of traditional pool fencing that is available.

There is much less of a sense of enclosure and confinement with our frameless glass pool fencing. Glass surrounding your garden and pool mean your views remain transparent. Again, this is a major safety consideration if you have small children.

Our frameless glass will fit in with any type of building design and any colour scheme, as it is unobtrusive. This means that your home and garden area will not be divided in half by a large and obvious solid fence that takes away from the feeling of space.

Our glass can even be used for quite small areas, such as spa pool surrounds, and privacy panels. There are many pictures of our work in our Gallery.

You may also like to see our video portfolio on frameless glass pool fencing, or contact us for a quote.